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December 30, 2009


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Thanks and a great new year for you, too. No, the character is not based on a comic. They just used the feel of EC for the anthology. I would love to see more anthology horror onscreen, actually. I liked the way the stories here were intertwined.

Uranium Willy

Hi John and Happy New Year

I have only seen Friday the 13th and Trick or Treat on this list. I actually liked the Jason flick but I did not go into expecting too much really. My wife, who is far from a slasher flick fan or horror fan period, even complained that the death scenes were too dark and the editing too jumpy. She said if she is going to sit through a film like this she wants be freaked out.

The Trick or Treat film is an odd one for me. Was it based on a comic book character? Not a huge fan of these newer films that tie in multiple vignettes at the end the way Crash and some other did. Sometimes cool but not in this one for me. I liked the creature though and wish more had been explained about him or it.


the jaded viewer

I swear if I see F13th on somebodys top 10 list...i am calling them out and making fun of them on my blog.


I'm with B too.

Haunting in C is what I like to call so close and yet so very VERY far away.

The Collector and F13 are just god friggen awful.

Cortez The Killer

I'm with B-sol on this one. I liked the remake better than the original. You cared about the characters more and it did a better job of building suspense.

The Collector on the other hand gave me a bad case of tourettes upon exiting the theater. The whole ending complete with set up for a franchise was completely presumptuous.


No way B-sol! The original was much more gut wrenching while the remake pussy footed around.

I agree with the Haunting in C, this movie had so much potential and it really fell flat on it's face. I mean come on, the mother is telling the story and she's not there half the time! Way to go modern parenting...


I agree wholeheartedly with your first three, but I will admit, I actually liked the Last House remake better than Craven's version.

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