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February 19, 2010


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The Mike

Sorry to hear this went down poorly, thanks for your efforts.

Let's just hope none of what's gone on affects the amount of excellent horror content people are producing.


Too bad, John, I was looking forward to this, it seemed like it was going to be a lot of fun. But if there's one thing I've learned this year, to go along with Johnny Boots, it's that people really get freaked out by competition for some reason. Oh well.

Cortez the Killer

I think Bryan has a great idea. I'm going to post my nominations on my blog. These people still deserve to be recognized in some way.

Cortez the Killer

Its sad that people can't accept things at face value and immediately assume negative intent. It makes me sad to see John pull this, someone who I've never questioned his intent, integrity or reason for doing something other than to support the love and passion of others. I'm sure this was a difficult decision.

Bryan White

The sudden sour grapes over blog awards caught me by surprise, John. I really didn't think people, particularly people in the League's camp, would get so offended. It's too bad. I thought it could have been a good time and was all in fun but there was some real bad blood there for a bit. People are weird is all I can say to that.

But I still think it's important that the sites that we nominated get seen. Maybe there's room for that list here or on the League's blog because I'm particularly passionate about some of the folks I mentioned, particularly the horror podcasts because even as horror blogs gain traction, the best horror podcasts seem to get the snub.

Just an idea. Canning the awards doesn't have to be a total loss. Maybe an article like "The awards are off but the League really likes these people". Organize it how you want.

John Squires

Horror blogger awards once again stir up controversy. I commend you for holding the awards in an attempt to bring new readers to various blogs out there and I completely support your decision to shut them down. I think we've all had enough awards based drama for the year and maybe it's best we just cancel all future plans for any kind of awards and instead do things like The Horror Blogger Alliance which promote blogs in a friendly non competitive way. It seems this community is just not built for awards...

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