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February 24, 2010


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Mikey, I heart you and not just cause you used the word huzzah!

THE Michael Oher? All my love to you for the kind words. You can sleep on my couch any time!

Michael Oher

Emily is so smart and funny and her writing cracks me up while at the same time entertaining and informing me, plus hr halloween costumes are not only creative, they are obscure enough that a good .5 percent of the population can usually identify them. Kudos to this one!

Metal Mikey

This origin story pretty much kicks the living tar out of Superman's and Batman's combined! Emily's good people, her blog rocks, and I enjoyed the background on it! Huzzah!


Thanks Sarah & Matt! It means a lot coming from bloggers such as yourselves.


Emily is one of the best of the best in the blogosphere and the best of the best of the people that I know best! She is a true class act, with truly classy taste!

scare sarah

Loved Emily's blog for a while now.

Great insite in to a great lady.


Thanks again for the opportunity John, and Cortez, the kind words are much appreciated!

Cortez the Killer

Emily rocks my socks. A talented writer and the proprietor one of my favorite blogs on the interwebs.

Thanks for profiling her John.

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