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February 19, 2010


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scare sarah

What's wrong with these people?! There have been awards for hundreds of years and it's a great springboard for any new horror blogger. People need to chill out. Such a dissapointment.

Carl Manes

I thought this was clean cut and an excellent awards system that was open to any and all participants, and I never would have expected anything but positive support John. Unlike the blind voting process at BD, this would have made for a much more accurate counting method, and I am very sorry to hear it did not work out. Perhaps you could release the list of nominees to at least grant those individuals some exposure for the event? In either case, very sorry to hear that you came under fire for what I considered a very noble effort.

chris zenga


These awards are supposed to be fun, bring the horror community together and expose them to some new talent, fun blogs and potential great friends. What is with contests that turn people in such fucking idiots!! COME ON people, we need to grow the awareness of the goings on in the macabre community, not argue over who does it best! Seriously, Fuck is bad word but your fucking making me say it!

Christopher Zenga


Oh well, Zombos...you're heart was very much in the right place, and you have done a lot to recognize quality horror blogs.

AND--tonight you received an official RONDO AWARD nomination for BEST HORROR BLOG 2009. Congratulations!


the jaded viewer

I submitted my blog into consideration hoping to get more exposure (as I never expect to win any of these things). The only positive about these awards is that you get to check out some blogs your not aware of and add them to your reading list.

We horror bloggers are a tight knit group and we support each other but honestly there is a bit of independence at times and we want to receive glory just for ourselves.

Sure we want the team to win, but sometimes you wanna be the perosn to hit the game winning shot and get the accolades.


I agree, cucumber sandwiches are good.

Leah Saylor-Abney

Wow! Who would've known the horror blog community could get so worked up over "awards"? I lurk more than post on the majority of the blogs I visit, but I've read a few people rant about awards and their "legitimacy," which I find amusing. That probably sounds cold or rude but c'mon! Sending meany-grams because you can't handle not being nominated for a blog award. Boggles the mind, it does. Everyone with quality content and pure intent deserves some form of recognition, so why shouldn't the big blogs pay it forward and help the smaller or newer ones? As someone who has very little time to browse for new blogs to visit, I was looking forward to the list of nominees. Oh well. I guess it's true what they say about the best intentions, eh?

John W. Morehead

Sorry for the hassles on this, John. I never had time to submit any nominees, but it's too bad some folks interpreted your actions in ways you did not intend, and then didn't have the courtesy to ask for clarification before posting to the world. Sometimes this instantaneous publishing that is the blogosphere is more of a curse than blessing.

At any rate, I'd suggest going to your Spooky Town collection, turning on the switch, and watching the animated horrific spectacle so as to calm your nerves. You can also take refuge in the fact that Lemax has just announced the Spooky Town 2010 line of products. Breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy the fun of all of this.

Rhonny Reaper

aww I was so looking forward to this :( I thought it was going to be a lot of fun and showcase awesome horror bloggers, but I get your decision. Maybe next year!


John, I'm sorry for any negative vibes that may have come across in my e-mails. I really do appreciate everything you've done for horror blogging and the League, and know you have only the best intentions.

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