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March 26, 2007


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ILoz Zoc

Hi Emily! Lots of atmosphere in the film, and enough jumps to keep you on your toes. Looking forward to a sequel if they ever do one.


hi i have watched Dead Silence loads of times with my mates. it is the best movie in the world

ILoz Zoc

Yes, it does have it's moments. The sets were pretty creepy. Sounds like you had more fun, though, as I went alone.

Flor De Luna

I really liked this movie. It was awsome and tge best part is that my friend Melissa was peeing in her pants.lol, I love scary dolls....


You know, you're right. I can't find one either. SAW's got the market right now, but I hope they do a Billy. He'd be great for Halloween.


I REALLY want a BILLY doll,

i keep looking everywhere but is like he never existed,

How can i get a billy puppet?
is there anyone out there that knows?


i love that doll so much


i luv the movie its so scary and cool at the same time p.s. i hope that i dont get my toughng riped out at the seen lol


Does anyone know the song playin....in the begning After the wife dies and the Jamie guy walks in and it's like Blarin on the Radio???? Thanks :)

sam sam

what kind of car is the shiny red one ?.. it loox like a mustang emblem on the front but its not a mustang cuz it says chevrolet on the grill... so what kinda chevy is it?? sry i benn really wantn 2 no.

sam sam, it's a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

Iloz Zoc

Hi Janna, thanks! I noticed you've got two blogs going. I find it hard to keep up with one, let alone two!


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