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March 28, 2007


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American Movie Classics has been airing this on occasion, and I've watched it every time so far, even videotaping it. Now what I need is the DVD! I very much enjoy the film and have a feeling that it has inspired other filmmakers, for some scenes remind me of everything from "Jaws" to "Deep Rising".

Naturally, I can comment only on the edited-for-AMC version, but I doubt I'd change my mind once I see the rest of it~although I think I could do without the Nazi experiment bit.


Yes, it's super weird. Martin Kosleck really puts a capital W in it with his snotty, I'm a super evil genius, act, and that makes it lots of fun. A great film to party with. The ending is classic, wow, he's bigger than I thought, I better get lucky or I'm toast. Omar's comic relief is fun, too.

sir jorge

Such a creepy film, I love it.

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