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August 05, 2022


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its neat i guess a history about fictional/legend creatures and such they got new stuff like the antlers movie i guess i'm more with the campy monsters that just want to live and let live and it turns out humans are the real monsters in the way they over react well i guess except for dracula and the blob they just want to kill ya i'm not really familiar with as much "monster stuff" today as there was in the past i guess monsters of filmland is still publishing for me the closest to old pulpy magazine monster stuff ive found CARtoons magazine has a segment every issue called "RIP garage" where it has the typical universal horror guys working on cars humorously often getting in over their heads or something when i was little i would get cracked,CARtoons,mad mad magazine burned it self to the ground attacking trump in every issue and is now a shell of its former self mostly just reprinting past stuff

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