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July 10, 2022


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That is from Hammer's The Reptile.

Based on some of the poster illustrations, it does look like Mill of the Stone Women was used to create that cover art. I hadn't noticed that before, good catch.


hey hate to bug you again but can you tell me what movie that creature on the cover that is in the blue picture is from its funny cracked used stills of that monster in various issues in caption funnies(example inside cover of cracked 60) its so funny every time i see the pingpong ball eyeed killer from space guy

is the cover girl a take off of the movie poster for "mill of the stone women"


A selfish pleasure for me, for sure. Thanks. More to come.

Evil von Scary

Appreciate all the work your doing to preserve these treasures!!


i hear ya i uploaded like 100 CARtoons magazines and 321 contact magazines and now they are all for sale on etsy by randos oh well i didnt make the content i gave them to the world for free thanks for the missing pages


A lot of my scans wind up on archive.org, without a courtesy source notation, so I'm not much of a fan with them these days. I wish I had kept (and ordered more), all those cool things available by mail order in the back of the monster magazines. I'll check issue 10. Thanks for reading ZC. I'll be posting more magazines soon.


great work i'm used to looking at magazines and stuff on the archive.org

have you seen these i think they are amazing i want to put them on tee shirts

i think the green slime and the giant behemoth are my favorite artworks


wow you really care i thank you for this its neat i wonder if anyone makes that pulpy paper (russian toilet paper) anymore

if you feel like it you also missed pages 10,11 in the FMO issue 10 but no big deal like i said sticky pages are easy to miss

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