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June 11, 2010


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I can't wait for [Rec] 3. The film went beyond my expectations of the first. I should have Jaume's Fragile delivered to my house any day now from Netflix.

Thrill Fiction

[Rec]2 was made to give the horror folk the unrelenting bumps. It succeeded.

But how about that ending?


[REC] 2 was superior in scare factor compared to [REC]. Rather than wondering how Jaume Balagueró can top himself in the third film, I think I’m going to see his film Fragile that’s opening with Fangoria FrightFest.


Definitely looks like another great Balagueró film

Cortez the Killer

Much agreed.


I'm a sucker for supernatural-themed horror, and this movie takes zombies and gives a fresh/old approach when everyone's moving more toward bio-weapon, military experiment gone wrong angles. You've got to love the intensity brought to this movie with the subject matter it works on.

Cortez the Killer

God how I loved this movie. Truly genre convention challenging and the plot turn was, for the most part, surprising and unexpected. I loved the whole concept. Incredible film.

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