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May 28, 2010


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John W. Morehead

This may be the best program ever to appear on television. I heard a commercial recently which stated that Seinfeld held this distinction, but even the producers of that show admitted it was ultimately about a postmodern "nothing." The Twilight Zone almost always featured top-notch writing and execution, often touching on key issues that transcended their time as the program's continued popularity demonstrates. Thanks for bringing this episode to our attention for fresh reflection and admiration.


Yes, even with those DVDs I can watch anytime, every time the marathon is on I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame. It's such a well-written episode it always plays fresh and timely. Sadly still true today, and like you said, more appreciative the older you get. My drugstore would be Joe's Luncheonette on the corner a few blocks where I lived. Got my monthly fix of comics and horror magazines at Joe's, and fountain soda, too.

Jeff Allard

One of my all-time favorite TZ episodes! Whenever the marathons run, "Walking Distance" is one that I never skip out on. I loved it as a kid but love it even more that I'm old enough to really appreciate its nostalgia for those perfect summers of youth that never come around again.

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