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May 31, 2010


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--Barnabus Collins and William Hartnell together--

Now that's an idea for a team-up: The Doctor and the Vampire. Hopefully a better story than Vampires of Venice, at least. I've got screams of reason on my shelf, but haven't perused it yet, but I often refer back to The Monster Show.


The Monster Show is almost like a text book for 20th century American horror entertainment. One of the best. His Screams of Reason is also very good.

I like the idea of a card set that has Barnabas Collins and William Hartnell (The Original Who) together.


The Monster Show's a good read. Lots of insight to help give context to the movies.


I'm so digging these cards!

Brings me back to David Skal's book, The Monster Show, one of the best literary overviews of early movie monster cinema (sorry Stephen King). Anyone else ever read it?

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