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March 02, 2010


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"I must admit they hit the nail on the head with Cheney: he is a robot. I don't know how they saw through that one."

Well, you got me there!

Unless you mean ANOTHER Cheney is a robot...whirrrr...robot...bot...whirr...


Oh my god, you disagreed with me! That must mean you are a ***** and a ****. Of course I jest, thanks for this, I appreciate a bit of good natured criticism. Maybe I should have said "This can be the most progressive etc in etc etc" because it certainly can at times, even in T&A laden slashers, there is usually a final girl. There is plenty to read in final girl mythos, but mostly, to survive that girl has to fight back become empowered. I'm no feminist crusader, but if you were too imagine every killer hacking off teen girls as an apparition of male chauvinistic rage, then final girl is a true equal. How about the scene in Night remake (like I mention in the article) when Barbara decides to stop being a sniveling little girl, takes off her skirt, and puts a pair of pants on!
All the best horror movies, even the popcorniest affairs are rife with symbolism and depth.

I digressed but whatever, also you're right, I can't assume what the readers of GoreZone like, but it would be fair to assume they like horror movies, wouldn't it? That was my sentiment in the piece.
Thanks for your comments, and your support, it means a lot that people can read my blog and disagree without threatening to "run me out of town".


Max, yes the Weekly World News is meant to be bizarre and goofy, which is why it's fun to read. But I must admit they hit the nail on the head with Cheney: he is a robot. I don't know how they saw through that one.


Chuck, I think he's referring to the remake, though I've not seen it.


I have nothing to say about anything he said besides the fact I don't think Night of the Living Dead (assuming he means the original) shows that women can be heroes considering Barbra is a catatonic pain the arse most the way in it lol


Dear John--

Great re-reading this "open letter" here, with your added comments. I'm with you that one can appreciate the beauty and sexual attractiveness of women in horror WITHOUT defining women in horror strictly in those terms. Don't women and gay male viewers appreciate the physical attractiveness of male characters? Of course they do. That said, the genre as a whole ISN'T defined by its progressiveness. It's often a power and erotic *fantasy* genre, not a dramatic and literary genre with fantastic elements. It's usually pop cultural fare, not pure high art. That's why it's popular!

Both sexes have their own versions of this stuff. "Twilight" comes to mind.

However, I gotta disagree with you on the WEEKLY WORLD NEWS. It's MEANT to be viewed as humorous fiction. I cannot credit the idea that any but a handful of the most gullible and naive view it as "reporting."

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