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March 02, 2010


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I won't argue he's not good at what he does: he certainly shows skill for his craft here; but it's more an exercise in getting the period feel right than making a horror movie to scare, and that's what disappoints me.


I've enjoyed every Ti West flick up to this one. It is his first major
misstep, and for exactly the reasons you and Arbogast have so insightfully underscored: He got so obsessed with recreating the right Coke cups in the pizzaria that he forgot to make a good movie. West has always borrowed effective elements from horror and other film traditions, bit this is the first time the borrowing was the point of the film. And the flick suffers for it.

Pax Romano

I enjoyed this film immensely. Shivers? no, not really, but I appreciated the snail's pace, the attention to detail, the shocking (are you not the babysitter?) scene,and the performances. When the ending finally rolled around, I bought it. It just seemed to be the kind of cheesy denouement one might have found in a film from this era. I guess I watched one to many ABC movie of the week "horror" films when I was a kid! ;)


I totally loved this film, but I knew as I was reviewing it that it would divide fans. It's all about atmosphere, so if it doesn't hypnotize you a little, there's just not that much left. I don't hold anything against anyone who doesn't dig this film, but I'm sure glad it worked for me.

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