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August 21, 2009


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Nicole Pederson

I got the yankee candle flier and fell in love with the boney bonch collection. When i went to the yankee candle store they had sold out of the wedding couple with the cake,I was crushed!! We had planned to buy it and use it on our future wedding cake,we want to have a halloween themed reception and that candle holder would've looked awesome on our cake. I hope and pray that they will put more out next year,I really want the chance to buy it.

Iloz Zoc

I'm not surprised they are selling out on these so early. Really nice balance between cute and creepy to make this line distinct. This year, too, it seems many stores are holding back on carrying much for Halloween, from what I've seen so far; so Yankee Candle's offerings are a joy to find.


I purchased two of the coffin Boney Bunch guys and the candlabra, which I love! Glad they still had some at the store when I was finally able to get there! Many are sold out on the Yankee Web site already.


hi there if anybody wants to get the jump on buying any of next years boney bunch i was told by a store cleck that they open the stores up on july 12 which this year 2009 was a sunday from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm.then in the first week of august you can go to the store and buy any of the boney bunch you want.happy halloween and good luck next year.


I got that one as well, plus the farmer candle holders. I also have last year's haunted house, hearse, and a few others.

I really love Yankee Candle's Halloween lineup. I picked up an autumn fruit candle, as I am also a huge sucker for anything fall or Halloween.

Ms Harker

I hope they ship internationally! The Halloween supplies here in OZ are pretty average :(


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