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March 25, 2009


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WC, my guess is the studios water down most fantastic scripts into simple to grasp chunks for the execs who insist on "improvements." I like movies that are challenging, too, either psychologically or emotionally. It takes much more effort to build a movie with those in mind, which is why, I'd say, we don't see those very often.

Wednesday's Child

I can still enjoy a big blockbuster film as much as an indie critics' darling as long as one factor is in place: I don't want to be able to figure out the plot and the ending ahead of time. Sometimes I wonder if the studios make the movies with a total lack of mystery so that people will feel smart when they watch them. I prefer a movie that makes me feel a little confused.


Joel Siegel once said, "Summer movies, some are not." I think if you want a clear distinction between what is or is not a popcorn movie, check out Ang Lee's take on the "Hulk", and compare it with Louis Leterrier's "The Incredible Hulk".


Gary, I'm clueless on that one!

Gary D. Macabre

OK so what's a Nibs and peanut M&M movie?

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