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October 14, 2008


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I agree, excelent use of this camra technique. Keeps your eyes looking for that something that will pop out. Very much like the style in Cloverfield but with less headaches.
Personal favorite scene: When the camra man beats down the infected woman with the camra.

Pax Romano

Can't wait to see this one. It looks like a lot of "bloody" fun.

Italian Spider-man

I must say. this movie looks fucking stupid! I will pass.


Great movie - I haven't seen the original but I really loved this one and its unhappy but realistic ending.

And for all those Saw fans out there - this is another movie that works because of all the things you don't see - lots of the shots are dark and out of focus and it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering and your imagination going creating a much more horrifying experience.

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