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April 15, 2008


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2010 movies

I reckon a lot of remakes i've seen recently have nothing to do with the real original ones.i've got some remakes in mind now , good for notice.

ILoz Zoc

These remakes, reworks, reimagines...while I understand some of the reasons for updating a movie for a new generation of viewers, I don't think the effort on many of these has really worked well.

Battlestar Galactica is one example of a remake/reimagine that actually produced a unique series that in many ways outdoes the original. Redone/overdone horror movies, on the other hand, have not faired as well. And now I read that Nightmare on Elm Street is going the remake/rework route. Unbelievable. That film is a classic of chills. Now if they did a prequel, maybe it might work.

T Van

It seems like a lot of these recent remakes have nothing to do with the originals. The recent straight to DVD remakes of Day of the Dead and April Fool's Day come to mind.

ILoz Zoc

WM, you've made a really good point about the name. Since this was a total rework that has nothing to do with the original, a different name would have been better than confusing this mess with the original.

wonder man

I agree, there was no reason why this movie was made. In fact, it shouldn't been called Prom Night since it had nothing to do with the original

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