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October 20, 2006


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A few days before Halloween, I was invited by a friend to take in the premier/screening of a new film, “ANGEL’S BLADE.” I knew I was in trouble when I noticed that the lead character “Angel” (OLIVIA ANDRUNIK) appeared to be a poor rip-off of “Samara Morgan” (Daveigh Chase) from “The Ring.”

Heave into the mix, B-Horror movie regulars RAINE BROWN (“Barricade”, “Aunt Rose” & “Satan's Playground” www.rainebrown.com)
and JOE ZASO (“Barricade,” “Demon Resurrection” & “Nikos” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Zaso); I knew I was in for an evening of seat squirming and uncontrollable yawning. It’s not that Brown and Zaso are particularly bad actors; it’s just that their performances tend to be predictable and un-inspired.

Writer/Director ROBERT STOCK appears to have no real vision or understanding of filmmaking and/or the storytelling process, as we are pounded with scenes that really seem to make no sense or serve no purpose to the plot.

“ANGEL’S BLADE” is rife with amateurish CGI FX, gratuitous nudity and sub-standard acting (especially from unknowns WALLY VALENTI and ANTONIO SAILLANT).

However, two aspects serve as a refreshing oasis within this desert of banality. First, is the beautiful and artistic cinematography of the notable WILLIAM GOVE (“The Apostate” & “Over The River”) and second is the standout performance by newcomer TOM DETRIK (“Judy Goose” & “The Wish,” www.detrik.com). His dry wit, timing and sexual presence made his portrayal of the clichéd “Backseat Lothario” turned entrails into a much-needed respite of enjoyment. Add the fact that he is not unpleasant to look at and I think we may have a star in the making.

If you should come across this “opus,” see it only for the last two “aspects” stated above. As for the rest of this film, bring a good book.

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