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March 12, 2012


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Now that's something that's not occurred to me: imagined as Renfield being the hero. You have an interesting angle there. Essentially, yes, crazed Frank, the little guy caught in the middle, is much like Renfield, only instead of Dracula hounding him, it's his childhood sweetheart, Kathy. Hmmm...


Great rundown of this film. Saw it as a youngster and have loved it since then. You pinpointed all the elements I adore about it... particularly Chaney's imposing if-not-quite-suave presence, the shadowy noir overtones, the Faulknerian backdrop, the somber mood and high energy of the action scenes. When you think about it, the film is basically imagining the Dracula story with Renfield as the hero, and I think it's great.

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