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Friday, January 06, 2012


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It's sad to see it happening. I spent a lot of weekends heading to the main B&N in NYC to browse for hours. The Strand was also a key destination for me, mostly because of the used books they offered. These days my fingers do the browsing on Amazon. Now if they can find a way to combine the bookstore experience with the volume of publications, and variable pricing, you see on Amazon, I'd be pretty happy. Print on demand could be a great feature at the store level. As long as the price is right and the quality is good enough. Making digital downloads available at the store would be a feature I'd love to see, too, as long as they're cheap enough. Digital books priced like a printed one are a turn off.

William Malmborg

Great post. I have noticed the same thing in the store by me, and remember the same thing happening at the Borders by me before it closed. These stores should no longer be allowed to carry the word BOOK in them because that is not what they are. Most of my shopping for books now happens on Amazon, unless of course I'm waiting for a new release and want it right away. The selection of used horror novels is very impressive. Never before had I realized just how much was out there until I started browsing.

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