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September 06, 2011


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Very good analysis of Norma. I think the main issue with her is how she's insulated herself from everything that's not suited to her previous world. She's like Ms. Havisham in Great Expectations, locking time out, focused on her one desire. Oddly enough, she's the one who isn't confused, but Joe is. She takes herself perhaps a bit too seriously, but he doesn't take himself seriously enough, or his aspirations.


Just rewatched this the other day! But it occurred to me that perhaps Joe is the villain and Norma is the hero of the piece?

I go into a lengthy explanation why here:


I can believe that about Mae West.
And yes, the door knobs are not such a mystery, but then again...

Pax Romano

My ex was obsessed with this movie, I mean OBSESSED. With that in mind, I am pretty damn sure that the missing doorknobs are mentioned to Joe by Max because of "Madame's bouts of melancholia", or something to that effect. He also mentions that the gas has been turned off in her room as well.

Best bit of trivia about the film I ever heard (not sure if it's true, but it's a great story): Mae West was offered the film, but she turned it down saying, "Nobody would believe me as a has-been movie star!"

Great review my friend, this is a movie everyone should see!

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