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March 21, 2011


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There were a few closeups I didn't understand. Ominous, but unclear as to intent.


Ah, such clever film tricks! I figured out who the werewolf was by easy process of elimination: if there was the slightest chance that it made sense for a character to be it, he/she would certainly not be it.

Oh! But how about the implied yet unacknowledged act of cannibalism at the end? That made me happy.


I hadn't thought about the hippie grandma. Good point. What was the deal with her cookies? The ominous closeup on them made me think she was drugging Henry for some reason.


Ha, I agree pretty completely. This was a film made and aimed squarely at 13 year old girls, and for them, it's probably amazing. Handsome boys fighting over you! Great makeup even in the snow! A hippie grandma! I had a good time with it, simply because my date and most of the people at the 10 PM showing found it as funny as I did, but if I had to take it seriously, it may have hurt.

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