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January 27, 2011


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creepy glowbugg

I never knew the Hunchback sported a Fu Manchu in the off season! Great masks! I only remember the plastic half masks from the 70's, with the stupid rubber band that would break by the time you got to the end of the damn driveway! Which was a good thing since you couldn't see thru the eye slits or breath through the mouth slit! Ahhh, memories.


I never bought one of these for Halloween...not that I had much of a choice. My costumes were always the cheap ones from the discount stores. That Mole Guy certainly would have freaked out a few people in my neighborhood.

Joe Monster

Mmm, those look just beautiful. The addition of a mustache to the Hunchback is somewhat puzzling though... it makes him look like a rather roughed up (unmasked) lucha libre. Would love to place those ghastly grimaces on my shelf!

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