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September 21, 2010


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vampire art

Awesome review! I love this movie! It's so scary...


Or did we see it in "real time?" For instance, given the sudden introduction of music, is this video that's been 'found' and prepped, or are we watching it as it's being recorded? One of the reasons I like this movie is its ignorance, or purposeful manipulation of this subtlety.


It's just that, with that last shot ending it as it does, one has to ask, "How did we end up seeing it? Who put it together?" Still, I liked it.


That's one of the drawbacks with handheld docu-style: it has to end abruptly when the camera person stops recording. I'd argue the movie would have been as good if the handheld, only-what-the- camera-sees style were not used and this had been a 'straight' filming.


Though it lost me with the very last shot, I liked it a lot. Definitely grounded with really good performances. I kinda dug the closing twist, but that last shot...what possessed them?


Great review! I think I stand in the same boat. A film that could have gone wrong in a lot of places, but was so tightly made that it turned out genuinely effective.

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