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January 27, 2010


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Thanks for the kind words everyone, you are all invited for ice cream back at mu place!

And Dylan...call me.

Cortez the Killer

Glad to see my boy profiled. Excellent read.

Chris Hallock

Matt is the man!
I blame my mom, too, Matt!

emily intravia

Power to the Matt! Truly one of my very favorite blogging friends, but more importantly, one of my very favorite bloggers. I don't know where he finds the time to read and comment on so many blogs AND deliver his own great work so many times a week, but I love him anyway and hate renal disease. Or maybe I love renal disease since it's given us CNAMB. Tough call.

Anyway, great to see a fine fellow profiled.

the jaded viewer

I'm going to grab Chuck Norris Ate My Cereal from blogspot right now!

Awesome insight into Matt's world. Good stuff


Thanks so much for including my blog and asking me to do this, John!

And thanks for the kind words from Pax and Rev, two bloggers I completely adore!


He's a cutie!

Rev. Phantom

I'm not surprised that Matt and I have similar up bringings. He's almost as weird as me...okay he's even more weird. Matt rules, CNAMB rules--'nuff said.

Pax Romano

WOW! I've been a big fan of Matt's since I first stumbled upon his blog a few months back - but to know about his personal life, and medical struggles...well, just makes me respect him even more.

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