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October 14, 2009


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I enjoyed Blair Witch a lot: my wife hated it. It is one of those films that leaves people like that. What's special about this one is how that minimal horror here builds to an effective climax.


My biggest fear was to see the "Blair Witch Project" all over again (sorry, but I really hated this one).

Fortunately, Paranormal activity is more interesting and frightening!

Iloz Zoc

neelam, no it is not based on a true story. The opening thank you to the police department is a wonderful, and very effective, gimmick to make you think it's "real."


all i can say was i slept with the light on after i watched it-i do love a good horror every so often and have to give credit to director Oren Peli as its been a long time since i actually jumped from my seat in fear. i would like to know if it was based on a true story? or maybe if some facts were true.


Religion has been around since the beginning of time for 1. and for 2 its not been proven that stuff like that doesnt exist. furthermore it would be wise not to mess with stuff u dont have any clue about. alot of stupid ppl think messing with voodoo and witchcraft is funny. ask some of em if they like hearing voices at night. Plz dont hate on religion if u dont understand it or dont agree with it. and yeah im religious. Pentecoastal in fact. so ive seen stuff that would make u wet the bed.


Why can't a horror movie just be a horror movie without someone bringing religion into it. I guess it comes down to whatever makes you feel safe. If that's believing blindly in something that has never been proven to ever exist, so be it. If you think religion is the reason why people think of this stuff, do some research. I idea of demons and ghosts has been there long before established religion appeared. It seems even 2000 years after it was established it's still the greatest form of mass control.


I don't know bc I certainly believe in demonic type creatures that are of the unseen. Many may believe they are alone but really we are tempted everyday to do something of a evil or sinful manner. I don't believe people would go around making up stuff, I mean where would we get the ideas for these movies of demonic spirits, they had to come from somewhere. If you believe in your religion or you know we were in some way created then we are in the middle of the negative and positive of reality. I am not a make believer but I am scared of many things but I do know that I have a mighty Being watching over me. I do not dabble in any type of spiritual events but I feel as if this was to truly happen whether it be positive or negative I would be a DEFINITE believer. I fear if it is ever to happen to me.

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