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October 30, 2009


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Paul Castiglia

That play by the way was called "Frankenstein Follies" - I think schools still perform that today, some 30 years later...

Iloz Zoc

I love the music in Mad Monster Party. I didn't know Davis and Kurtzman had a hand in it, but revisiting the monster and character designs, there is that influence. There is a real monsterkid feel generated, an aura of 60s monster fanaticism and fun you don't get much from today's pantheon of creepsters.

Paul Castiglia

I have to add a couple things I forgot to mention:

When I was growing up, WOR Channel 9, a local TV station in New York often played the great Rankin-Bass stop-motion animated feature "Mad Monster Party" featuring some great caricatures of all the classic monsters and funny, satirical script. I came to learn later that Mad Magazine alums Jack Davis and Harvey Kurtzman were involved - Davis helping with character design and promotional art and Kurtzman contributing to the script.

Also, a classmate of mine reminded me that I portrayed "Mike - a monster, maybe" in the 8th grade school play. Mike was a character hypnotized to believe he was a monster and who wore a Frankenstein monster mask.

So there were some other "horror-comedy" influences in addition to those I mentioned in the interview. :)

Iloz Zoc

Thanks! I really enjoy horror-comedy and look forward to reading his book. Paul provided the poster graphics, which are an art form in themselves.

Have a super Halloween and get lots of chocolate and goodies!


Great interview. I really enjoyed reading that. Happy Halloween!

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