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July 01, 2009


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Chris Zenga

Hey! my ZomBear looks great in your office (if I do say so myself)

Thanks for the write up. It's so great to hear when people are enjoying my work. and keep an eye out for my new work from The Kitchen and Resurrection series.

Later days,
Christopher Zenga

Ms Harker

My horror paraphernalia and books are starting to take over my study, but it has an Asian theme with red walls, so they seem to be blending ok so far. Just as long black hair doesn't start growing from the ceiling, its all good!


Iloz Zoc

You used 8mm and I used reel to reel tape to record off of my 19" B&W set! I miss that set: it weighed a ton with its metal case and all. Even with all the digital stuff going on today, I miss the fun of "primitive" technology; we had to work harder at it to keep our hobby alive.

John W. Morehead

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a desk and office cluttered with monsters and elements of the fantastic. And your mention of 16mm film frights takes me back to my teen years when I'd use my 8mm camera to film horror clips playing on my 19" black and white television for playing later. Granted, the quality wasn't good, and they were silent, but pre-VCR days this is what we had to do to satisfy our fantastic cravings.

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