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Friday, July 31, 2009


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I wish buy for this book for lenore a cute little girl dead. I love Lenore!

Iloz Zoc

Super, I think you'll find her and her friends wicked fun. The TPBs are Noogies, Wedgies, and Cooties. They may be out of print, but a new printing, with color added, is coming out.

Ms Harker

I have never read Lenore, however you have sparked my interest. Must add to my wishlist for when I go back to work and have some spare spundoola's! Along with the next five vol's 6-10 of The Walking Dead ;)

Bill Courtney

I just, in what I think is the complete Lenore set of cartoons, have only had a chance to skim over them, but they look grisly and wonderful.

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