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February 03, 2009


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I havent seen this yet but according tot he majority of these reviews it seems to be worth watching. I saw a preivew for this movie called Nite Tales. anywun heard anything about it?

Flashes In The Dark

Thanks for the accurate review. There's been so much hype surrounding this film, it refreshing to a read an unbiased review. I'll wait til it hits Netflix.


I haven't seen ATOTS yet, so the ending here was a pleasant surprise. I'm sure the south korean film is darker and bloodier. On another note, The Haunting in Connecticut looks pretty creepy, so put that on your list to see.


I love a tale of two sisters, I have had in my collection for years and will sit down to watch it more than a couple times a year. Ever since I started seeing these trailers I thought to myself " this is oddly close to TOTS, actually, It's the same story?" I never caught on that it was a remake. I pride myself on the fact that I am on the pulse of horror movie news, but this one just slipped through the cracks. Thanks for making the connection for me.

Later days,

Christopher Zenga

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