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July 03, 2008


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John W. Morehead

I still haven't seen this yet, but your post stimulates even greater interest in it for me.

ILoz Zoc

Thanks Pax. I think this film will be appreciated in time. I hope he does a sequel as there are interesting story elements here that should be continued.

Pax Romano

What a fantastic and spot on review of Romero's latest.

I was so taken with this film, and the social and political commentary it included. What a shame that it did not get the wide release it so deserved.


We are of like mind. A woefully misunderstood film (much as Day of the Dead was in its own time). It's been unfairly maligned by a lot of horror fans. I think future years will be kinder to it.


Still need to check this out for myself, heard many many mixed reviews, good and bad from people I both trust and don't trust. Oh, what to do!

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