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May 29, 2008


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ILoz Zoc

Thank you. And super! on that wonderful news. But given the drawn out history of the "development" of this area, I'll believe everything's all right after the dust settles. Anything can be overturned by eminent domain or commercial interests.


Nicely written but a bit of an overreaction. Deno's Wonder Wheel Park is NOT closing. Sideshows By The Seashore run by Coney Island USA is not closing either, in fact they bought their building last year.

ILoz Zoc

First, you've got a fantastic memoir at Coney Island Memories (http://www.myconeyislandmemories.com/. I love reading it.

Sadly, you're right about the olden venues. Only those who've experienced it can really enjoy and remember it. We're all a product of our times. I'm sorry though this generation coming up may miss out on some very special things that are damn fun.

And girls! Yes, you point out the key benefit of a dark ride: smooching and holding on tight to your babe. It's a natural.

ILoz Zoc

I cherish Laff in the Dark. The depth and love they show for dark rides is a treasure for those of us who enjoy them and mourn their passing in our "sophisticated" age. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention LITD, especially with my using their photos (of course linked back to the source to give them proper credit). I owe them a lot for keeping the memories alive.


Oddly enough, I was about a paragraph into this post when I said to myself, "I wonder if he knows about Laff in the Dark?" I stopped reading and got all my links together.

Pipped. I should've known.

JK Sinrod

I used to feel as you do, but in reality who of this generation would ever appreciate these "olden" venues? That said, we Boomers can go back...everytime we bring it up in a conversation to anyone that will listen. Geez how many girls did I get that first kiss from on Spook-A-Rama? I girl was almost obligated once she agreed to go with a guy into such a dark and scary place!


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