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April 25, 2008


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Hey Joshua.. I truly immensely enjoy all this work..

I have wondered often if the nightmares we conjure are truly a figment of our imagination --- or some sense of a past life.

Sometimes the details are extraordinary, and the fear so great, it is beyond what is real.

ILoz Zoc

Thanks Erik. They are creepastically wholesome. I find the ones with his daughters in them the most unsettling. Great contrast there between innocence and evil.


Great interview. A friend sent me the link to Hoffine's site this morning (and found this place via his links page), the photos he puts together are creeptastically good. Wow.

Chad Helder

Thanks for this excellent interview. That is a seriously freaky image at the top of the interview. I think it's really exciting to see all of the different formats and art forms that people use to explore the shadowy world of the macabre!




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