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January 04, 2008


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First, B-Sol, your review of Somebody Help Me is quite disheartening: I've got it sitting on my desk. After watching The Blood Shed, I cringe at the thought of another clunker session ahead of me.

Second, you're right about Sweeney. But the music is superb, as well as the narrative singing. Not great, but fits the whole dark vision quite well. I think many fans may think it too high-brow and avoid it (as one NY Times critic observed also).

The ending is gross yet beautiful, if that makes much sense. It's simply stunning. Bamford is incredible. Spall has got to win a supporting oscar; his performance is hard to describe, but the look, the actions, everything he does is spot on to the character. Worth watching if nothing else will bring you in to the movie. But luckily it does have more to satisfy many a horror fan. I hope many more fans check it out on DVD at least.


I think a lot of close-minded people are not giving this excellent movie a chance simply because of the music. And they're doing themselves a disservice.


Hey CG,

I love Sleepy Hollow! What a moody, quirky period piece. The imagery of the headless horseman emerging from the tree of death is outstanding.

I venture to say the image that Burton leaves you with in Sweeney Todd is also outstanding.

(PS. I recommend CG's blog at http://wineandwerewolves.blogspot.com/)


I can't believe I still haven't gotten around to seeing this one. Soon enough....Soon enough. My favorite Burton film is Sleepy Hollow, but this looks like it could give it a run for its money. Sounds incredible.

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