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July 09, 2007


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Henry Evil

They're not dead. They're simply in the dimension that Alessa created. If they were dead, their bodies would have been found in the "real world" along with Rose's car that Officer Gucci found.

Iloz Zoc

Purgatory/hell dimension makes sense. Let's see what they do with it in Silent Hill 2. Thanks!

Mr Chin

I've never played the game either but, everyone I know who has, said that the movie captured the atmosphere of the game perfectly. That may be so but this movie bored me to tears. It had some great visuals but the story was confusing and not too interesting. The only thing that kept me interested was the hot mom and cop.

As for the ending, I was told that they got stuck in purgatory.


Maybe I can help?

Alessa started the coal fires in her initial revenge, I think. Of course, that doesn't explain how they happened 30 years ago and Sharon is only 9, but I think that the real cause of the tragedy is Alessa, and the world at large simply assumes it was a random coal mine fire. Maybe the demon created Sharon as an afterthought, long after the fact, just to throw a wrench into the mix?

Possibly the demon created Sharon knowing she would eventually return and add some chaos (and in the end, give the demon a physical form).

As for them being dead, I don't think they are. If that was the case, wouldn't her husband and the police find everyone's bodies in their vehicles?

I think it's intended that they managed to go into the hell dimension in which Silent Hill resides, by virtue of their proximity to Sharon and the demon letting her in. After 'resolving things', the dimension doesn't let them go, so the entire world is like Silent Hill to them.

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