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March 02, 2007


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I just got back from the cemetery used in this film. It is in Forward Township PA. It was like 10:30pm. and My friends dared me to run from the road to the big headstone at the far end of the cemetery. Haha they thought I was going to get eaten or die, for sure. But obviously I didn't die, or I wouldn't be typing this now. Haha


Handcarved headstones are no doubt the best choice available, all in various types of stone the hand carving adds a certain personal element to the memorial/monument. Personally stonework created using only machines doesnt have the same level of creativlty in my opinion.

ILoz Zoc

Thanks TV Fan. I checked it out. Lots of great movie and TV viewing.

Tv Fan

Found this site called vidriver.com that streams classic and new movies like 'Night of the Living Dead'.
Go to http://www.vidriver.com/film_nold.html to watch it now

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