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January 10, 2011


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It sounded like a cool idea for a movie, but from the first preview for it I had no desire to see it--I think I just can't fathom Nicholas Cage in this role (not to mention the man simply irks me). But it's interesting to know that the movie did have some good points, which I suppose teaches me not to judge so quickly. Still don't know if I'll ever end up seeing it, but thanks for the insightful review.


Hey A. Jaye,

The rub here is I read the spec script way back when. While I felt, at the time, it needed more action, the flow was very different. Given more care and acting passion, this would be a different movie. It still has good elements, but they're clobbered by the inattention to important details.


John you've convinced me.

In any case I haven't liked Nicolas cage since the 90s. Dominic Sena is a joke. He's directed A-Listers but never a great film. Those two names alone were enough to turn me off this flick.

Your review confirmed it.

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