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August 05, 2010


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Sean O'Connell

It's not too heavy to wear,but your right it's not light weight even if most of it is painted plastic. Adding in more vents this weekend.


That suit must have weighed as much as it was hot to wear. Awesome.

Sean O'Connell

Nice article, it's always good to remember the joys of Halloween. Great photo of us done by Michael G. MacKenzie. I'm the one on the left about to pass out in my own creation.


Strange Kid

Two nights of trick-or-treating with your family PLUS costumes, candy and hard liquor... cha! That sounds fantastic, Bryan.

Though I do have to admit that the origins and purpose of candy corn elude me, I can't escape the need to feed when it comes to those delectable, triangle-shaped morsels of sugary death.

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