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May 05, 2010


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Watching Hammer

Oh dear. When will this trend of 'remaking' classics come to an end? It really is, 99% of the time, pointless. As you say 'Why bother?'


That's an interesting observation. Freddy is pretty much off focus here. More fantasy was definitely needed to really make this a nightmare on elm street.

chris zenga

for the most part , I enjoyed the film. But it seemed that Freddy as a secondary character in his OWN FILM. More Freddy, more brutal kills, more fantasy element would have helped this good film be great!


The online stalking would have been fun to watch. Imagine some Facebook/Twitter turmoil going on. Lots of technological savvy that could have made the movie a standout was left out.

Thrill Fiction

I agree with the remarks about modern technology but to butress what Zoc said (new) technology should enhance horror. For example vampires are still a threat even though we can outrun them in cars. I think.

The challenge of the cell phone in horror is a cliche. The challenge of the internet/youtube wasn't taken advantage of. Freddy's been on television before, even in a videogame. He should have stalked Nancy online. Alas this film suffers from creative illiteracy.


I think the use of cell phones, PCs, Internet, etc, present a challenge to convey interpersonal drama, especially in horror movies. After too many commercially-driven searches on Gigablast for answers, I questioned why they didn't communicate with each other more directly or work together more. That vidcam from one victim did nothing to build tension or urgency, yet J-horror has utilized such things with more verve. My complaint is that the technology was pissed away on trifles when the special effects should have utilized it more to create the Freddy dreamscape. The movie suffers from a lack of mood and tone that the series strived to foster.


Given more dynamic to work with, Haley could have done a great job. Some critics mentioned his short stature being a detriment, but I felt it worked more for him. Evil can come in all sizes, and there's been a trend to make it huge in size, but not threat.

Cortez the Killer

It lacked heart and was completely lifeless. Crude characterizations (a Joy Division t-shirt makes you social awkward), lack of attention to suspense and buildup and one too many employs of a jump scare is what killed this for me. I'm going to chalk up Jackie's performance up to not having a whole lot to work with.

Rick Romanowski

Its interesting that you brought up technology being a problem for the story. I guess that it says something about technology distancing us away from each other... even though that wasn't the intent.

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